Accademia di Belli Arti di Bologna

Prof. Maria Rita Bentini
Via delle Belle Arti 54, 40126 Bologna
A2 Italian or B1 English (for students) / B1 Italian or B2 English (for staff)


The Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna is an institution of university level for higher artistic and cultural education, established in 1710. It is located in the heart of the university area and occupies, together with the National Art Gallery, the complex of the Church of Sant’Ignazio e Noviziato of the Jesuits. The Academy consists of 3 departments (Visual Arts, Communication and Art Didactics, Design and Applied Arts) and offers training in more than 25 courses divided between three-year courses of the first-level degree, two-year courses of the second-level, specialist degrees and the single cycle 5-year course in Restoration.