FAQ - a small study guide

Here we offer an overview for students and applicants to the various frequently asked questions about admission, studying and international study opportunities at the Department of Design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.
It is very likely that we cannot answer all questions. If your search on these pages is not successful, please contact the secretariat of the department.

1. Access requirements and artistic-creative suitability exam

The Department of Design would like to offer its students the opportunity to acquire international and foreign language skills as part of their studies. We think that the human and professional experience that students can gain abroad fosters personal development. A stay abroad is not an obligation within the course of study at the design department of the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, but especially the "creative" professions thrive on international exchange. Therefore, a semester abroad can give you a better understanding of other cultures and ways of working.

We therefore encourage you to take the plunge and gain experience abroad while studying.A semester abroad is possible from the 3rd semester, the 4th or 5th semester is recommended;a year abroad may also be possible.

There are also other options for shorter stays abroad, such as attending summer schools or excursions.

2. Information for international applicants (incoming students)

3. Information for a semester or an internship abroad (outgoing students)